Water Mains

We are experts at installing and repairing site water-mains to any property. Also offering advanced leak detection services.

A “main” is a water pipe that is under pressure all the time. The city, or your water company, provides water to your property.

Usually there is a meter set in a plastic or concrete box near the edge of your property, where the water provider’s piping ends. Piping beyond the water meter is the property owner’s responsibility. The pipe between the meter and the house is called the “domestic water main.” The pipe from the domestic water main to the sprinkler valves is called the “sprinkler main.”

Mains on private property are usually galvanized steel, copper or PVC. They are usually between 3/4 inch and 1-1/2 inch in diameter for most single family residences. The main lines are the foundation for all water use.

If the pipe is too small, or obstructed with corrosion, difficulties may arise with water fixtures on the property. People often refer to such problems as not having enough pressure, but more often the problem is not pressure but water flow. Galvanized steel mains, in particular, fill up with corrosion and have a limited life-expectancy. Galvanized steel pipe life-expectancy varies with water and soil conditions, but in most areas the maximum useful life is about 35 years. Steel pipes that are 35 years or older have served their useful life. In some areas the useful life of steel pipes can be as low as 5 years.

Some of the problems encountered with corroded or under-sized main lines include:

  • Inability to run more than one sink, shower, toilet, etc. at a time in the house.
  • Problems using plumbing fixtures in the house anytime the sprinklers are running.
  • Weak sprinkler systems.
  • Dirty, rusty water.

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