Do your lawn sprinklers function erratically, spray incorrectly or seem sluggish? It may be time to consider sprinkler repair. A lawn sprinkler system is a fine-tuned system designed to keep your lawn green and healthy: if it malfunctions, your lawn could quickly become undernourished, especially during the hottest parts of the year. Hammer will be glad to help support your sprinkler’s life and do routine sprinkler maintenance to ensure your lawn stays lush and bright, no matter the heat.

Common Sprinkler Problems

In general, a sprinkler system fails because of one or more factors that generally appear in a plumbing system over long periods of time. Issues such as pressure fluctuations, corrosion, and interference from taproots or even groundwater can cause sprinkler failure. In this case, you’ll need a sprinkler repair company to help restore your sprinkler system to full functionality. Sprinkler systems repair is a complex process, requiring a thorough check of all the system’s outlets. Fortunately, Hammer is here to help with a competent and capable team of plumbers and technicians. We’ll get your sprinkler system back to normal and spraying in no time.

How Regular Maintenance can Help

Routine sprinkler valve repair and sprinkler maintenance can lead to a stronger, healthier sprinkler. Valves need proper replacements and oiling just like any parts on a complex machine, and your sprinkler will function best if the entire system is regularly checked on to avoid rust and decay. Misfiring valves, broken sprinkler timers and high or low water pressure can all contribute to problems, but with a sprinkler repair company on call, these problems can be avoided. Simply schedule regular maintenance or call immediately when a repair needs to be made. Lawn sprinkler repair can be done quickly and professionally with Hammer. Let us handle all your sprinkler systems repair and sprinkler valve repair needs, and you’ll never have to worry about a spotty sprinkler system again!

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