Plumbers, don’t miss these incredible marketing tips

Feb 09 , 2015
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Marketing for Santa Monica plumbers has changed, and if you don’t keep up with the trends, your customers simply won’t know that you exist. It used to be that you just needed to list your number in the phone book and maybe advertise on your truck, but those days are long gone. Now, businesses need an internet presence to succeed. Increasingly businesses are connecting with customers through online channels, and plumbing is no exception.

All plumbers want to stay ahead of the competition, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help each other out, right?

Here are a few tips to consider when marketing your plumbing company online:

Create and optimize your website

First of all, if you don’t have a website, what are you waiting for?? Perhaps more than any other resource, customers check out a website to find information on a business. It’s a convenient way to address their basic needs, such as phone  number, address, services, etc. You also don’t have to be technically gifted to make a site, either. Many services now offer customizable website templates that are relatively easy to adapt to your needs. Include all relevant information, as well as pictures, video, and even a blog if possible.

Post how-to videos on YouTube

These days, customers expect a business to provide as much relevant content as possible online. This goes beyond merely supplying your phone number. In order to get their business, you have to prove that you’re an authority in your field. One great way for plumbers to do this is to post videos demonstrating how to perform simple repairs. Some people resist this because they view it as a way of losing business. However, the opposite is true. If you can prove your knowledge while providing valuable customer service, people are more likely to contact you.

Ask customers to write reviews online

Social media puts customers in the driver’s seat. More than ever before, they have a voice and can effectively sway other customers one way or another through reviews and comments. The smart choice among plumbers is to embrace this trend. As the best plumber in Santa Monica, Hammer Plumbing & Drain is happy to let our customers publicly review us. From the neighborhoods near Santa Monica Place to Main Street, we guarantee all of our work, and ask satisfied customers to share their positive experiences online. The idea is that people put more trust in word of mouth than traditional marketing.

Start a Facebook page

Some plumbers are reluctant to embrace social media – to their detriment. At first, starting a Facebook page may seem pointless for a plumbing company. Will people even care? The answer to that question is really up to you and your business. You’re in charge of making people care. By offering discounts to followers, posting those How-To videos, and sharing other relevant content, you can earn scores of Likes, comments and shares among followers, and even convert them to full customers.

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