How will these huge L.A. construction projects affect you?

Aug 07 , 2014
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Los Angeles isn’t just growing; it’s exploding. Just when you thought the crowds couldn’t get any bigger and traffic had reached capacity, the city has plans for even more massive development projects. Of course, for contractors and skilled workers, this is exciting news. Jobs will be created, sure, but what about the projects’ specs and materials?! What kind of plumbing systems will be installed? Will the pipes be copper or the more efficient PEX??

Okay, maybe we get a little carried away when it comes to that side of the issue (nevertheless, contractors should call the best plumber Los Angeles has to offer if they want expert technicians on their team). The question you probably want to know is, how will all of this new development affect me? Let’s take a look at these new projects and their locations.

East Hollywood Target

This construction project recently came under fire for its controversial size. In fact, after being challenged by concerned citizens, a judge ruled that construction had to stop until the companies involved could reconcile their plans to build the retail giant’s location to 74-feet tall (city ordinances limit height to 35 feet in that neighborhood). Looks like Hollywood residents will have to visit one of the many other Los Angeles Targets for now.

Expo Line

The highly anticipated Expo Line will eventually connect east and west Los Angeles, to the delight of many Angelenos. Starting in Downtown LA, its final destination is Santa Monica. However, for now, residents of Culver City and other neighborhoods along the line will have to stare at unfinished, traffic-blocking construction.

The Broad

More than any other neighborhood, Downtown is experiencing a huge construction boom. Perhaps the most marquee project is Eli Broad’s new $140 million art museum. Located just south of Disney Hall, the huge building is expected to open later this year, have free admission, and host 50,000 square feet of space for artists to exhibit their work. Of course, the complex didn’t come without the usual amount of traffic congestion, which has been an issue for some commuters.

Downtown Whole Foods

Speaking of traffic congestion, few new sites in Downtown have been as notorious for back-ups as the new the space for the future Whole Foods. If you’ve headed north on Olive between 7th and 8th, you’ve most likely experienced the snail’s pace slow-down. On the upside, Downtown will finally have a big Whole Foods, something that’s been in demand among L.A. residents for years.

Hollywood / La Brea mixed-use building

One of the most controversial projects on the docket is the mixed-use building planned for the intersection of Hollywood and La Brea. Specifically, it’s the site of the so-called “hipster” Christian church just south of Hollywood Bowl that’s drawn so much attention in recent years. The building is going to be big, as in 24-stories big. When completed, it’ll include a mix of residences and commercial spaces and like so many other projects, is sure to slow traffic on Highland and other nearby thoroughfares.

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