Sewer Lines

Proper sewer maintenance can be crucial to the hygiene of a building or property. Without a functional sewer, unpleasant problems rapidly develop, such as buildup, residue and even backflow. Make sure your sewer is clean and functional with Hammer’s unique sewer line services. We will be glad to help you maintain your sewer, or repair it in an emergency.

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Sewer Cleaning Techniques

It takes an efficient and competent team of technicians most of the day to clean a sewer, or longer depending on the extension of the network and its piping size. Fortunately, Hammer has a capable crew of plumbers and technicians on hand for all your sewer line repair needs. We handle trenchless sewer repair as well as standard sewer pipe repair and maintenance. We employ cutting edge methods such as hydro jetting, where the sewer is thoroughly cleaned through the use of strong jets of water that flush out most blockage. In addition, we also specialize in more technological forms of cleaning, using sewer inspection camera technology and wires which we call a “sewer snake” to explore unusual blockups and analyze what’s wrong with a sewage system. Our methods are trusted and consistently bring success and clean sewers for our clients.

Benefits of a Clean and Fully Repaired Sewer

The benefits of proper sewer repair are many and various, the most obvious being that your sewer system functions perfectly and without unexpected malfunctions or messy leaks. However, having your sewer properly cleaned and repaired regularly can benefit your home in a number of ways. Proper sewer line repair by a sewer installation company can extend the functioning life of your sewer, granting it additional years of service and lowering the necessity of costly replacements. Sewer repair and trenchless sewer repair are both vital services to keep the practical elements of your sewer functioning properly. A sewer inspection camera can spot potential future problems with your sewer as well, making complete investigation a valuable asset to prevent future costs. Finally, having a reputable sewer installation company on call can be a lifesaver when a sewer main breaks or you’re having trouble with your pipes.

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