5 plumbing issues that affect every single homeowner

Jan 14 , 2015
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On the outside, the homes of Bel Air may appear to be trouble-free. The posh neighborhoods are lined with perfectly manicured yards and large, immaculate houses. However, when it comes to plumbing, the reality is that no home is immune from problems, no matter how nice it may look.

Whether you live in a clean, well-constructed house or a charming older residence, here are 5 plumbing issues that affect every Los Angeles resident.

Water heaters leak

In some ways, water heaters serve as the mission control center for your home’s plumbing. Sure, the water main provides plumbing to the whole house, but water heaters offer the very necessary service of heat, enabling showers, laundry, and clean dishes. But did you know that these appliances occasionally leak? Older models in particular are susceptible to failing over time. Make sure you flush your tank at least once a year, and consider replacing it if it’s over 10 years old.

Moisture causes mold

It may not seem dangerous, but the presence of excess moisture in the home can cause something no homeowner ever wants to confront: mold. Not surprisingly, spores typically grow in places where moisture collects, such as showers, near pipes, and in dark places without ventilation. To combat this problem, try airing out any area where moisture obviously accrues, and keep an eye out for spores, which typically grow in black and gray clusters.

Sewer lines can and do burst

Of all the potential plumbing problems that could go wrong at home, a burst sewer line competes for the worst. When this happens, potentially toxic water leaks into the soil, saturates your yard, and if it’s the result of a clog, may back water up into your home through the fixtures. Fortunately, plumbing solutions have come a long way, and most plumbers can fix the damaged underground line without tearing up your whole yard.

Not all plumbers are right for your repair

Our city is full of plumbers who claim to be experts in all fields, but the reality is this just isn’t the case. While there are many talented pros out there, most people excel at a handful of problems. Only a select few can truly claim to possess the right knowledge for all plumbing issues. For a plumber that Bel Air residents can truly rely on, call Hammer Plumbing and Drain. From clogged drains to leaky faucets, our team of experts covers a variety of areas, ensuring that your problem will get solved.

Pipes corrode over time

Unfortunately, even the sturdiest of copper pipes tend to corrode in the long run. They may last between 50 to 100 years, but they almost always fail, necessitating a repair or complete repiping every time. These days, PVC and PEX pipes offer a lighter weight, more sustainable solution that’s easy to install. Proponents even claim that they help reduce your gas bill, as they’re more conducive to heating water.



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