You’ll never believe what’s clogging your kitchen sink

Jul 30 , 2014
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Clogged drains are pretty common, but what causes them may surprise you. Los Angeles residents have all probably had to dig out a large, stubborn piece of food that just wouldn’t go down the sink. In more extreme cases, maybe you even had to get under the sink, unscrew the trap, and clean out a buildup of debris.

These are the run-of-the-mill cases, the things you expect. But they only scratch the surface. The truth is that just about anything can cause a clog. To help you be more careful, here’s a list of everyday items that frequently create a back up of water, as well as a headache for the homeowner.

Wedding ring

Unless your wedding ring fits perfectly, you’re in danger of losing it. Water makes your hands slippery and in the right (or perhaps wrong) circumstances, your finger can become slick enough for it to slide off. If you’re washing dishes by hand, the chances just go up. If this sounds unlikely, then you’d be surprised at how many rings we find lodged in people’s drains – and those are the good outcomes. Don’t be one of those poor people who never recover one of his or her most prized possessions.

Fatty foods

In Los Angeles, we tend to avoid fatty foods. From Downtown to Hollywood, the emphasis is on eating healthy – at least, that’s the image we project. In reality, many people’s garbage disposals clog as a result of fatty foods. They’re hard for the blades to dice up. If your disposal stalls and clogs your sink, call the best plumber Beverly Hills has to offer. Hammer Plumbing and Drain can inspect the drain or disposal, and using minimally invasive techniques, return your sink to working order.

Bottle caps

This seems like a no-brainer. We pop a cap from a bottle and leave it next to the sink – obviously it could easily fall down your drain. However, many people continue to do this, and accidentally wipe it into the sink, where it falls down the drain. It’s possible that your pipes might be able to handle one or two, but if you knock many in over time, you’ll definitely have a clog on your hands.


In your garbage disposal, starches can wreak havoc. Think about it. When you cook them, you add water and they expand. The same reaction can occur if they’re just sitting in your disposal. When you run water, they grow a little bigger until finally they block the passage. The result is an annoying clog that can cost you time and money.

Coffee grounds

It’s tempting to pour old coffee grounds down your disposal. Once they’ve been used, they become wet and can dirty up your garbage can. But they can also accumulate in the drain and block passage for other food. Some say they help eliminate odors, which is true. But there are other, non-clogging ways to kill bad smells in the sink. It’s best to dump the grounds in the garbage at all times.

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