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Residents and businesses that are looking for plumbing companies in Torrance will discover that Hammer Plumbing & Drain is the company to contact. We have been the Torrance plumber that people have depended upon since 1926. Here are some of the services that we provide for our customers.

We Are Available

When people want a plumber Torrance trusts, they call us. They realize that we come at a convenient time for them. We understand that many families are busy with things to do and people to see. It is no surprise since Torrance is next to the Pacific Ocean and has plenty of attractions like the Torrance Cultural Arts Center.

Our technicians are flexible and want to work with customers with their plumbing needs. While creating an appointment works for many, a plumbing emergency requires immediate action. As a result of this, we are on call 24 hours a day for each day of the week and are the emergency plumber Torrance residents trust to get the job done. If someone has an emergency, we are ready to help. Our friendly operators are knowledgeable and can provide helpful tips while the plumbing technician is on the way. Emergencies do not wait, and we do not wait either. We know the area well and can quickly find homes around Cathann Street or businesses off Torrance Boulevard.

We Are Experienced

It can be quite easy for someone to claim that he or she understands Torrance plumbing and that the individual is a plumber. However, it is another thing to back up those claims. The fact of the matter is that we are experienced and professional plumbers. Each one of our technicians is licensed. Furthermore, they have been certified for the work that we do for homes and businesses in the area. Finally, we are insured for all our work.

We take our profession seriously. Our technicians receive continuing education from time to time in order for our service to be better for our customers. When we go to a home or business that has plumbing challenges like leaky pipes, we know exactly what to do. Our experience and training makes us a fantastic choice when people are looking for plumbing companies in Torrance.

We Understand

When people are looking for plumbing services Torrance needs, they usually want to get an idea of potential costs and may ask for a quote. We absolutely understand those concerns, and we do provide quotes and estimates on our work. Besides this, we understand that the economy has been rough on business and homeowners. Budgets are always tight, and a plumbing expense can certainly cause some people extra anxiety.

With that knowledge, we have purposely set our prices that can fit into numerous budgets within the area. People can receive the help they need at a price that will not give them additional worry. We have payment plans and other financial opportunities that can enable customers to receive the plumbing help they need and not have it devastate personal funds.

Addressing Challenges

Some of the most common challenges that our customers face with plumbing is leaky pipes and clogged drains. Unfortunately, people try to solve these types of problems themselves. While their desire to alleviate the problem is admirable, there are many times that the problem becomes worse since they did not really know what they were doing.

Our certified technicians have the tools and knowledge to address leaky pipes in an efficient manner. We have a wide range of pipes and other equipment in our trucks. This is very beneficial when we need a part. We can address a sink that has been clogged for months. Our methods work well and give our customers the best results. We strive to provide the expert water heater repair Torrance deserves on a daily basis.

Complex Challenges

There are times that a plumbing challenge can be quite complex. We have the technology to find the challenge and eradicate it. We have found that tree roots can be a huge problem to some homes and businesses. At other times, we have discovered toys that have been flushed down a toilet by a little child. Situations like these can be complex, but we are up to the job. When we are dealing with a challenge that is complex, we keep our customers informed about the situation. There are times that we need address a sewer line or water main in order to keeps things working properly. These things can take time, but we use our time wisely and get the job done quickly. We provide the sewer repair Torrance residents rely on to keep their pipes free of corrosion.

Improving Situations

There are times where Torrance plumbers are needed to install a new sink for a kitchen or workspace. Our professionals make sure the new unit works properly with the existing pipes. If something is not right, we take care of the situation in order that it does not become an issue for a customer. We are more than willing to visit with a commercial business or residential homeowner and visit about how a new sink, shower or toilet can enhance a building for people.

New Beginnings

When people are looking for plumbing contractors Torrance residents and businesses can depend upon, they go to us. We have worked on numerous new homes and businesses around the area. We understand the codes and regulations that are required by the state of California. We specialize in this type of work.

While people may think that we only do work for the interior of a building, we can also work on the exterior of a facility as well. We have set up numerous sprinkler systems that are designed specifically for our customers. The sprinkler systems use water efficiently. Furthermore, we work with French drains and make sure that water runoff will not be a problem for a facility.

Residents and businesses are invited to contact us at Hammer Plumbing & Drain. We are the plumbers in Torrance that can be trusted with all types of plumbing needs. We value each of our customers, and we are a company of integrity that believes in providing excellence with each job. When in need, call us at Hammer Plumbing & Drain.

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