You’ve been warned — these appliances are flooding your water bill

Nov 18 , 2014
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Let’s start with one simple fact: you’re spending too much on your water bill.

Any Los Angeles resident who’s compared his monthly charge to the amount of water used in the home has probably noticed that the totals don’t make a lot of sense, or at least, the dollar amount just seems too high. From The South Bay to Hollywood, most Angelenos are feeling the pinch of premium prices for what seems to be average water use. While there’s not a lot we can do about what the city charges, we can curb expenses by focusing on our appliances. Check out these three appliances and how to use them to reduce your monthly bill.

Hot water heater

Until recently, there was only one solution when it came to heating your home’s water. Traditional hot water heaters are large tanks that occupy your garage, basement or perhaps an enclosed outdoor space. While they get the job done, technology has created an efficient model that’s smaller and more importantly, more cost-effective.

Tankless water heaters perform the same work and, as many people have discovered, save money over time. From Santa Monica to the San Fernando Valley, more and more Angelenos are installing these new appliances in their homes. They heat up water on demand using less energy, so you save on power costs as well. Rather than keeping a large tank of water stored over a period of time, tankless models use only the amount of water needed for the particular demand made in the moment.


Water heaters are obvious culprits when it comes to your water bill, but there’s a more covert cause for that high monthly charge. Toilets consume huge portions of H2O. Did you know that they can use up to 7 gallons of water per flush?! While federal standards now require toilets to consume far less, they still put a strain our state’s water supply – and your wallet.

To beat down the charges, call a plumber Los Angeles residents can trust, and install a high-efficiency model. These toilets even fall below the federally mandated water usage, consuming as little as 1.28 gallons per flush. No matter where you live – Torrance, Burbank or Downtown LA – every residence can benefit from that kind of savings. For a more detailed analysis of cost, consult a plumber.

Washing machine

These days large washing machines are the norm, especially for families of 4 or more. Even high-efficiency machines occupy more space than older models. While this is certainly a benefit for frequent use and big loads of laundry, it can put heavy demand on your home’s pipes. So how do you reconcile the excessive water usage with the necessity for large machines? You could install new, efficient pipes – if you wanted to spend a ton of money. However, a much more cost-effective alternative is to simply install a utility sink next to your machines. It might cost a little up front, but the extra sink will collect the water run-off, ease the burden on your pipes, and keep them from needing to be replaced.

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