The single most damaging plumbing problem? A leaky pipe

Dec 23 , 2014
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Los Angeles residents are familiar with leaks. We’ve all had to endure them at one point in our lives. And as we all know, some leaks are bigger problems than others. A faucet with loose fittings is one thing; a burst pipe in the wall – that’s a whole other category of headache.

In older areas of town such as Culver City, homeowners know this scenario all too well. Their old pipes and fixtures tend to fail more often than their newer counterparts. Unfortunately there’s not much you can do to prevent a pipe from failing over time; it’s just one of those things that happens with age. However, every resident should know the havoc that a leaky or burst pipe can wreck on a home, as a reminder to stay on top of normal plumbing maintenance.


The most obvious and common symptom of a ruptured pipe is flooding. Advising you on warning signs probably isn’t necessary, as floods are characterized by one, alarming site: water. Lots and lots of water. When a pipe fails, the pressure of the running water seeps through the walls, floors and worst of all – the ceiling. There’s nothing quite as terrible as having a rain shower in your living room (trust us, we’ve seen it).

As floods happen without warning, residents are always caught off guard and hit with an unwelcome surprise – yet another delightful result of leaky pipes. However, this is not the time to hesitate and wallow in your bad luck. Call a professional immediately. Whether you live along Washington Boulevard or near The Actors Gang Theatre, contact the most skilled plumber Culver City has to offer. Hammer Plumbing & Drain will arrive fast and start the repair as soon as possible.

Residual water damage

In the event of a flood, the lingering damage can be devastating. Your carpet may resist full drying, and beloved furniture could be destroyed forever. In extreme cases, you may even have to replace the soaked floorboards, since damp homes can potentially be dangerous. However, even with less serious leaks, residents face long-term issues. True, you might not have to replace the entire floor, but a specific area of damp wall will have to come out. Unfortunately, sometimes targeting a particular site – even if it’s small – might mean removing a larger chunk to maintain consistency with home’s infrastructure.


Perhaps the most extreme and destructive result of a leaking or burst pipe is mold. Spores grow wherever there’s excess moisture, so even if a pipe had just been trickling water for an extended period, you may have gotten mold as a consequence. As you may know, it can cause allergic reactions, and if it spreads, may require extensive repairs. Fortunately, however, not all mold outbreaks mean you have to rip out the sub floors and drywall. In some cases, you can get rid of it yourself with special treatments. But the fact remains – if you know you have a leaky pipe, don’t procrastinate repairing it.


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