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The lawn needs care. It is as brown and crispy as overcooked hash browns. Regulations here in Los Angeles control not only how you wet your yard but also how much water you use while watering. You want to install a sprinkler system but do not know a gas-powered entrenching machine from a whipper-snipper. Sprinkler system installation requires both plumbing and electrical knowledge. There is no need, however, to concern yourself with digging, electrical wiring, cutting and fitting pipes, or returning rented heavy equipment. We have all requisite experience, knowledge, and equipment to complete your lawn sprinkler installation.

Trust us to provide hassle-free sprinkler system installation. Our professional crews know where to dig to make your lawn sprinkler installation efficient and cost-effective. The Better Business Bureau vouches for us so you know we are on the level. Once we are finished, your garden, grass, and plants will sparkle colorfully in the sun. Our success makes us the sprinkler installation company in Santa Monica. Sprinkler installation is our passion.

Once you have selected and purchased the sprinkler equipment from a reputable dealer, leave your lawn sprinkler installation to us. We will even draw up a plan, clearly outlined for your approval, before we begin. We work quickly, too. Our powerful equipment is top of the line. When we finish your yard, we guarantee your grass and garden will look just the same as when we started. You can look forward to many years of beautiful lawns and gardens.

You want to be proud of your well-landscaped home. You want to throw garden parties for family and friends all summer. A properly installed sprinkler system will produce spectacular results in all your plants that will be the envy of all your family and friends. It will also conform to all Los Angeles County water regulations and help conserve the environment. Call us right away to install your sprinkler system!

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