One bold decision could save you tons of money

Jan 24 , 2015
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For most Brentwood residents, it might be hard to consider giving up your home in exchange for country life. The perks of a nice home nestled in the mix of West Los Angeles are numerous and hard to beat (and as far as us plumbers are concerned, we always hate to lose a customer). However, many progressive urbanites grow tired of the hustle and bustle of a big city, and eventually start to seek alternative housing solutions. For these folks, off-the-grid living is a very appealing option.

Curious? Check out some of the advantages of moving offline and living among nature.

Never pay another utility bill. Ever.

The economic bonus of living off the grid is huge. Most people either build their own house, or buy an affordable living unit for their family. For electricity, solar panels are often installed along the roof; water is accessed from a well that you may or may not have to dig yourself (or with the help of a contractor). But after these initial upfront costs, the investment is minimal. Without municipal utilities, you never have to pay for your electricity or water ever again (although we can’t promise you won’t have to deal with a leaky pipe).

Peace and quiet

Los Angeles is a dense and busy place. If you’re like most people, you probably have a long and frustrating commute. The cumulative stress of sitting in the car day after day takes its toll. Plus, there are some great advantages to living here, but the air quality isn’t one of them. Who knows what kind of long-term effects it has on our health. Meanwhile, living in the forest is blissfully commute-free, and you won’t find fresher air. When you live off the grid, you leave all of that stress and pollution behind.

Improved relationships

If you’re a solitary type, living in nature can be deeply fulfilling. You’ll have all of the peace and quiet you need. But if you move with a partner or family, you’re bound to greatly improve your relationships. By spending more quality time together, you create more lasting impressions, and focus on more meaningful experiences. Whether it’s harvesting your own food, going on scenic hikes, or just talking more often without the distraction of media, you’re bound to grow closer as a group.

An alternative

Of course, this lifestyle isn’t for all Angelenos. For those residents who like the idea of it and really want to reduce their environmental footprint, but can’t quite commit to the solitary lifestyle of being in nature full time, you can still install high-efficiency fixtures in your home. By calling the most skilled plumber in Brentwood, Hammer Plumbing and Drain will help you save water and reduce consumption. Whether you live on the Westside at large or near the popular Brentwood Village Farmers Market, our team of technicians will replace your wasteful fixtures, and edge you a little bit closer to that off-the-grid lifestyle.



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