Is your home due for one of these major plumbing repairs?

Jan 24 , 2015
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The residents of West Los Angeles – like those of any other neighborhood – don’t necessarily like to dwell on major home repair issues. Fixing a leaky faucet or clogged toilet is one thing, but digging into the yard to replace underground lines? That’s quite another. However, the reality is that sometimes these projects simply can’t be avoided. Not every resident will have to go through massive renovations, but most of us will have to replace or repair something big at some point.

Here is a list of common, large-scale plumbing projects for which you should prepare.

Water heater replacement

This one is inevitable, and as far as scale goes, it’s actually not that bad. Some DIY enthusiasts may even be able to pull it off themselves. Hot water heaters typically have a lifespan of 10 years before they die. You can do little things along the way to prolong it, such as flushing them once per year, but inevitably they’ll have to be replaced. An alternative is to use a tankless water heater instead. They’ll save money and most likely repair in the long run.

Sewer line repair

If you never have to experience a ruptured sewer line, consider yourself lucky. Commonly what happens is an old line just fails over time, or tree roots encroach on and disrupt it. As a result, sewage backs up and comes up through your home’s fixtures, or saturates the yard with rancid guck. The good news is that there are relatively easy fixes. If it does happen to you, just call the best plumber in West Los Angeles, and Hammer Plumbing and Drain will fix the problem. Whether you live in Culver City or Westwood, we’ll use minimally invasive techniques to locate and repair the issue.

Bathroom remodel

Bathrooms are quickly surpassing kitchens as the most popular room to remodel. These days, design trends favor open bathrooms with big, walk-in showers. Unless your home is brand new, odds are the bathrooms are more traditional. But updating this room is a great way to add huge re-sale value to your house. With the help of a plumber, you can ensure that all of your new design choices (i.e., moved sink, expanded shower) can realistically line up with the location of your pipes.

New pipes

Speaking of pipes, replacing your pipes is another big project that many homeowners face in their lifetime. You most likely have copper pipes, unless your home was built fairly recently and according to high efficiency standards. While copper is durable, eventually it corrodes and fails. A good plumber can either replace copper if you’re partial to it, or install a different kind of lighter, more efficient pipe such as PEX.

Earthquake valve installation

Los Angeles is no stranger to earthquakes. They happen so often, that many residents are no longer phased by them. However, big shakers are potentially disastrous to your Westside home. In addition to moving and falling furniture, you risk a gas leak. Make sure you install earthquake valves to prevent an explosion. They attach to and shut down your gas line in the event of major shaking.

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