Is this one plumbing problem ruining your yard?

Jun 10 , 2014
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Santa Monica homeowners take a lot of pride in their yards.  They’re the first things that people see when they come to our house, and as we all know, first impressions can go a long way.

Whether you live near Main Street or in the shopping districts around Third Street Promenade, you want your home to look great.  Sprinkler systems and a well-maintained garden have practically become necessary steps to maintain your yard in our neighborhood.

However, no matter what cautionary measures you take, there are some disasters you just can’t prevent from happening to your grass.  For better or worse, we don’t have to worry about excessive rainfall in Southern California, but the pipes that run under your lawn can cause serious damage if they rupture or become clogged.

Specifically, your sewer line is a plumbing emergency waiting to happen.  You may have even seen the symptoms of it and disregarded them simply because you didn’t know any better.

To catch the problem before it blows up into a full-blown crisis, let’s cover the issues surrounding a sewer line break.


All homes are susceptible to bursting pipes, but older houses in particular are vulnerable.  Due to the materials with which pipes were constructed, they don’t stand up to wear and tear the way their contemporary counterparts do.  Years ago, clay was used to build pipes.  Unfortunately clay just doesn’t hold up over time, especially against the presence of tree roots.

On the West Side, roots are most often cited as the cause of a disruption to underground sewer lines.  As they get older, they continue to grow and branch out, and eventually cross paths with your pipes, breaking or inhabiting them.

Warning Signs

So how do you know if your property is at risk?  Surprisingly, the first place you might see signs of a backed up pipe outside is in your bathroom.  Pay attention to the behavior of your fixtures.  For example, if you see water bubble up in your toilet when you run the washing machine, then you may have an issue.

If you sense that there may be a disturbance, don’t wait until it gets worse.  This could result in a flooded, stinky yard, or worse.  For the best sewage line replacement Santa Monica has to offer, call Hammer Plumbing and Drain.  We’re experts in the treatment of these underground pipes, and can inspect and repair them to minimize the damage and interruption to your life.

How to fix it

Luckily treating this problem has advanced quite a ways.  Fixing a punctured line used to involve major upheaval of your yard, and removal of the entire pipe.  These days more minimal techniques are employed.  Hydro-jetting, for example, is a way to flush the line of sediment and other disruptive particles.  Additionally, a plumber might use what’s called a “sewer snake”.  It vets the exact cause of blockage without tearing up your lawn.

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