How to fix a broken sewer line without breaking the bank

Jul 14 , 2014
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No one wants a sewer problem. Even if you’re not sure what that entails, sewers conjure up images of toxic water and stench. The good news is that you’ll most likely never see the results of a broken sewer line inside of your home – but outside of your home is another story.

It used to be that a burst line necessitated a major repair. A crew of contractors would have to tear up your yard and pull out the pipes. It was invasive, time-consuming, and most of all – expensive. Luckily modern technology has made the process much more efficient.

If you find yourself dealing with a burst sewer line, try one of these relatively inexpensive fixes.

DIY solution

Los Angeles residents are pretty crafty when it comes to home repairs. If confronted with a plumbing problem, we want to fix it ourselves, or at least try. A failed sewer line is no different. If you’d like to test your handy man know-how while saving a little money, there are a few different chemical solutions that you can buy. All you have to do is pour some into your toilet. If your problem is just a simple clog, then this may do the trick.

However, this method isn’t sure-fire. For one, the chemicals may be toxic to the skin, and some critics suggest that introducing them into your pipes may actually contaminate the water.


Built-up debris may be too difficult to eradicate through the use of chemicals. In which case, you’ll need to call a professional. For the best plumber Marina Del Rey has to offer, call Hammer Plumbing and Drain. We can employ a number of methods to not just detect, but repair the problem with your pipes.

If you’re dealing with a serious clog, then an expert might recommend hydro-jetting. Through the use of a high-powered jet, we can essentially flush out your problem. What happens is water is essentially sent through the line with great force, clearing out all of the dirt. While this may sound like an invasive procedure, the intrusion is minimal. To execute the flushing, all we need to do is dig a few small holes in the ground.


Thanks to developments in plumbing tech, plumbers can employ very slick methods to treat your sewer line problem. We can insert a waterproof camera into your pipe to pinpoint the location of the clog or disruption (the colloquial term for this is “sewer snake”, but it doesn’t quite have the same catchiness as an underwater camera).

The camera is mounted on a pliable wire, which allows us great flexibility when directing it. We can bend it around corners or over debris as it guides us through the line. Meanwhile, we watch the whole process from a monitor above ground. Once we’ve identified the source of the problem, we can then choose the most direct, cost-efficient solution.

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