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Hermosa Beach is a striking beach community of just under 20,000 people in the heart of the bustling Los Angeles metropolitan area, but worlds apart from the chaos of it all. The city boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in the greater L.A. area and residents here know better than anyone how to enjoy life. Hermosa Beach residents would rather be surfing, playing volleyball on the beach, or jogging along the Strand than dealing with plumbing problems, and for that reason our mission is to make life easier for Hermosa Beach residents so you can get back to enjoying life as quickly and painlessly as possible.

We know that you have no shortage of options for plumbing companies in Hermosa Beach to call when plumbing needs arise but we are proud to say that Hammer Plumbing and Drain are the plumbing contractors Hermosa Beach has depended on since 1926. That means that we have been providing Hermosa Beach plumbing services for over 85 years, making us one of the oldest and most experienced of Hermosa Beach plumbers.

Residential and Commercial Plumbing Services

Hammer Plumbing and Drain has set the standard for plumbers in Hermosa Beach when it comes to all aspects of residential and commercial plumbing, but many are not aware that we specialize in the more complex plumbing projects including sprinkler systems, drains, and water mains. We are the premier plumbing contractors Hermosa Beach residents can call on for all plumbing needs and we pride ourselves on the quality and friendliness of our staff. From the water heater repair Hermosa Beach trusts to sprinkler system installation, we do it all.


Precipitation is always an issue for lawns in Hermosa Beach and sprinkler systems can be a great solution for keeping your lawn green while also not violating any water use regulations. Not many plumbers in Hermosa Beach can install sprinkler systems, however, because sprinkle systems require electrical expertise in addition to plumbing, pipe fitting, expert planning, and digging. Our experts at Hammer Plumbing and Drain have all the necessary knowledge and experience, and you can trust us to install your dream sprinkler system for the home or office no matter how large the property. You pick the type of system you want and we will sit down with you to draw up a plan for your approval. Then leave the rest up to us, and before you know it you will be enjoying a beautiful, green, and hassle free lawn.

Sewers and Drainage

While installing sprinkler systems to deal with a lack of rain, we also help residents of Hermosa Beach deal with those instances of flooding which can happen all too often as a result of sudden storms or poorly designed sewer and drainage systems. Whether a result of mother nature or a developer’s poor planning, too much water can cause serious damage and create exceptionally challenging problems. We have extensive experience designing, building, maintaining, and repairing sewer lines and drainage systems, and we can help you no matter what your drainage or sewer issue, including designing new drainage systems or fixing old ones. Hammer Plumbing and Drain are the trusted experts for sewers and drains that Hermosa Beach has depended on for over 85 years. Providing the sewer repair Hermosa Beach deserves in one our top priorities.

Water Mains

While California Water Service Company provides your water, home and commercial property owners are responsible for the water main that runs water under pressure from the water company’s pipes onto the property. Our professional staff at Hammer Plumbing and Drain are also experts at designing, building, maintaining, and fixing water mains. Whether you need to design a new water main for a 20,000 square foot retail building or repair a leak in the main to your three bedroom house, Hammer Plumbing and Drain is the plumber Hermosa Beach can count on to do the job right.


Give us a call any time. We have expert and skilled Hermosa Beach plumbers available 24 hours a day for all plumbing emergencies whether in your home or business. If you are frantically looking for help in the middle of the night after a burst pipe or a backed up drain, you can count on our expert staff to step in, take over, and deal with the problem, letting you get back to your life while minimizing the stress. After all, we know that residents of Hermosa Beach live in one of the most beautiful parts of the U.S. and have many better things to do than wait around for a plumber. We are dependable, on time, and will not waste your time so trust the emergency plumber Hermosa Beach has been trusting for years, Hammer Plumbing & Drain.


When searching for plumbing companies in Hermosa Beach, Hammer Plumbing and Drain have the expertise, dependability, and experience you need. We are accredited A+ with the Better Business Bureau and have been in operation for over 85 years and our record speaks for itself. We also offer 12 month interest free financing for those bigger projects or repairs to reduce the financial impact. We would be happy to talk to you about any project you have in mind, whether it is an emergency at three in the morning, or a dream project you’ve been designing for the past twenty years. Call our toll free number for more information or to discuss your needs at 866-292-7031.

The First and the Last

Our goal is to be the first plumber Hermosa Beach residents call in a crisis, but we understand we may be the ones you call when one of the other Hermosa Beach plumbing companies proved not up to the task. No matter if we were the first Hermosa Beach plumber you called, the second, or the fifth, we will be the last plumbing company you call.

We have provided dependable, high quality plumbing services Hermosa Beach that Hermosa Beach has come to expect for over 85 years, and hope to continue for another 85 years. Next time you are looking for a Hermosa Beach plumber, give Hammer Plumbing and Drain a Call.

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