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Do you need a new drain installed? Is your old drain giving you trouble, or do parts of it need to be replaced? Then call Hammer for your drain requirements. We’re devoted to giving lasting, valuable and permanent drain and pipe solutions. If your disposal is on the fritz or your drain appears thoroughly clogged and won’t unclog, we can be on the spot to perform correctional repairs and replacement as needed. We understand the importance of proper drain maintenance and drain repair, and we’ll work with you to provide you the drain service of your choice.

If you’re experiencing serious trouble with your drains, including excess leakage or corrosion, drain repair may not be the best solution. In this case, replacement might be the best available option. Hammer performs drain installation as well as drain maintenance: Let us handle installing your new drain, and you’ll get years of perfect performance out of the products we install. Our technicians and plumbers are trained professionals who know how to fully install a drain without damaging a home, and can remove all remnants of the old drain while doing so. This means not only will you have a new piping system you can use, but you also don’t need to worry about rust and debris that hangs around after the installation.

Hammer can easily determine what’s wrong with your drain on arrival. Using a “drain snake” or plumbing camera, we can find the blockage that’s making your daily life difficult and remove it easily. A drain snake is an easy way to pinpoint problems with your drain, and can even spot decay and buildup before it becomes serious.

Trust Hammer with your drainage system and you’ll never have to look for another drain company. Our well-trained team can tackle any problem anywhere in the drain system, and will be back for more if blockage ever occurs again. Trust us for drain replacement and drain installation, and call as soon as you see a problem!

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