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Hammer’s Culver City Plumbing Services: Nearly a Century of Water-Work Experience

A Culver City plumber — a plumber just about anywhere, for that matter — is not always easy to track down. Appointments can take days or weeks, but all homeowners know that a plumbing emergency can arise at any time of the day or night. When that dreaded leak or blockage happens, residents and businesses need fast and reliable service, and an assurance that the technicians they employ know exactly what they’re doing. At Hammer Plumbing and Drain, we maintain a 24-hour emergency line, 7 days a week. Our plumbing dispatchers will send a trained technician to your residence or business, in any Culver City location, to get the problem solved — fast. Trust the emergency plumber Culver City has been trusting since 1926, Hammer Plumbing & Drain.

Experienced and highly rated among all plumbing companies in Culver City, Hammer Plumbing and Drain is prepared for the entire spectrum of repairs, maintenance and installation services. We can provide a detailed, accurate quote for any project, and will be happy to offer consultation and guidance when a plumbing issue arises. We know there’s a wide choice of plumbers in Culver City, and take pride in the many enthusiastic references we’ve received from satisfied customers.

Over the years, Hammer has worked on several major projects in Culver City and across Los Angeles — commercial and residential development, rural irrigation, golf courses and manufacturing facilities. When they’re hiring plumbing contractors Culver City commercial building managers and contractors appreciate not just experience, but also the certifications — including General Engineering and General Building licenses — that demonstrate the highest level of skill in the plumbing trades.

It’s typical for Culver City plumbers to specialize in residential services, but Hammer Plumbing and Drain also employs professional crews for outdoor irrigation and sprinkling jobs. Once you’re purchased the equipment from a dealer, we will find the ideal location for efficient use of in-ground sprinklers, saving on water costs while bringing a lush, sparkling green landscape that will enhance your home and property. Our detailed plans are subject to homeowner approval and conform to all state and county regulations on water use.

Sooner or later, water drains will give trouble. Older homes frequently suffer blockages and breaks in their water lines, which can lead to expensive work. Garbage disposals back up, toilets clog and faucets leak. Plumbing troubles, whether large or small, are best solved by an experienced professional. By using a specially designed camera on a flexible cable, our technicians can examine your pipes, locate the trouble area, and solve the problem quickly and inexpensively. A drain or pipe may need replacement, or a simple de-clogging; we’ll explain what the problem is and the most cost-effective way to solve it. We’re not just a plumber; Culver City residents will also discover a trusted consultant for ongoing maintenance that will keep your water system in top condition for the life of your home.

Sewer lines can be another source of serious plumbing issues in the home. Hammer employs technicians for routine cleaning and the “trenchless” sewer repair Culver City deserves. Using a sewer snake, we can spot blockages without the labor-intensive and expensive process of digging up basement floors or yards. We also offer a hydro-jetting method that cleans out sewer lines quickly and thoroughly with a concentrated stream of water. Culver City plumbing clients can also take advantage of professional routine maintenance and consultation on the needs of your home’s sewer system — extending the life of your home’s infrastructure and helping you to great savings in time, money and headaches. We’re also “on call” for any emergency situations that may arise.

For the nagging problem of water intrusion, Hammer also specializes in French drains — underground lines that can direct water that is migrating under your home to a convenient exterior outlet. By using a filter fabric, we can protect the drains from invasion by tree roots, vines and other obstructions. If the home design and outlet location permit, we start the drain at a depth of six inches beneath the foundation footing.

Simple water leaks from faucets or toilets can bring a quick call to plumbing services; Culver City residents also have Hammer Plumbing and Drain to call on when a water main leak or break brings a more serious intrusion, whether it happens gradually over a period of months or results in a sudden event. If you’re water bill seems to be rising, you have wet spots on the floors or walls, or bad odors are afflicting your drains, you may have an undetected problem that must be addressed. Water lines don’t repair or rehabilitate themselves, and the work of an experienced technician will save on water use and water charges immediately. Providing the water heater repair Culver City residents deserve is one of our top priorities. For a consultation with an experienced plumber, Culver City residents call on Hammer’s water-leak detection experts. We use specialized equipment such as infrared imaging cameras and acoustic devices that can literally “listen” for water running in the wrong place. No matter how small the fault or crack in your lines, these methods can pinpoint the location and help indicate the best method of repair.

Founded in 1926, our company has a long and proud history offering professional plumbing services Culver City residents can call on for repairs, emergency services or consultations. We guarantee our work, and for larger projects, we also offer 12-month, interest-free financing. Over the decades, we’ve become the go-to technicians for water work, indoor or outdoor, over the entire range of plumbing equipment, structures and systems. We’re much more than just another plumber Culver City homes and businesses can call for a plumbing emergency; we offer a full range of construction and maintenance work that has earned high marks throughout the region for professionalism, courtesy and expertise.

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